About Ventura Coastal

Ventura Coastal's primary products are customized blends of orange, lemon and grapefruit juices, oils, essences, and pulp. Ventura Coastal has over 300 clients, including many large grocery store chains and dairies that private label our juice and concentrates as their own. In addition, we sell our products to a majority of very large branded beverage manufacturers. Ventura Coastal maintains production and packaging facilities in Ventura, Visalia, and Tipton, California, with its headquarters in Ventura.

Our Vision

To become a renowned powerhouse among premium citrus juice manufacturers by achieving recognition as the western United States unquestioned leader, providing value oriented products and the highest quality to our customers.

Our Values

Our Mission

Ventura Coastal, LLC is a manufacturer and marketer of Citrus juice products and we are committed to be the "first choice" for our customers and employees for safe quality citrus products.

Our History

From our founding in 1940, Ventura Coastal expanded from a packer of locally grown fruit into one of the largest wholesale processors of citrus juice in the western United States.

More than half a century ago, we pioneered development of lemon concentrate and frozen lemonade. Our processing expertise later extended into a full range of citrus products. During the Second World War, Ventura Coastal focused its energies toward fulfilling military needs. By War's end, we emerged as a seasoned supplier for exacting clients.

As public demand for citrus products diversified and technology advanced, we kept apace through investment in innovative equipment and processes. In 1973, a national soft drink firm acquired Ventura Coastal, further broadening our corporate horizon and global reach. In 1987, the management team took the company private.

In 2005, three members of the management team purchased Ventura Coastal. Under their leadership, we secured our industry-leading position as a customer-oriented, quality supplier of premium orange, lemon and grapefruit juice, oils, essences, and pulp.

In 2012, Ventura Coastal entered into a joint venture with Sunkist Growers, Inc. that pooled all citrus fruit juice operations, including Sunkist's facility in Tipton, CA, under Ventura Coastal's management.

Our access to abundant supplies and all varieties of orange, lemon and grapefruit year-round assures Ventura Coastal customers a reliable stream of products tailored to their requirements.

We meet the needs of high-volume and specialty consumer brands through our concentration on service, quality and customer satisfaction.